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We design an deliver apparatuses for the industrial use of heat like burning, drying or heat treatment.

Our main focus is set on the economy of these apparatuses.

With our help your operating result can be improved in terms of cost-value ratio. Your operating result will be better in saving energy.

Over 30 years of experiences in heat processes enable us to give an optimal consulting to the customers by our qualified engineers.
All our apparatuses are specially designed for the individual need of each customer and therefore we are able to produce many different and varying constructions.

Our delivery program


Generating hot air with max. pressure of 150 mbar. The air will be heated at the outside of the combustion chamber and the pipes by fluegas. The burner is firering in a cylindric chamber. At the end of the chamber the fluegas streams into the pipes and will be cooled countercurrent to the air.

Performance: 150 – 5000KW
Airstream: max. 60 000 Nm3/h
Airtemperature: max. 400°C


Exchanger to heat water for a heating plant by cooling the flue gas of thermaloil heaters, annealing furnaces, hardening furnaces or other burning plants.

Performance: 50 – 1000 KW
Fluegasstream: max. 15 000 Nm3/h
Fluegastemperature: max. 600°C
Temperature of water: max. 95°C


Heatexchanger to preheat burner air with flue gas of thermaloil heaters,annealing furnaces,hardening furnaces,combustion chambers for the treatment of waste air and other burning plants.

Performance: 100 – 5000 KW
Airstream: max. 20 000 Nm3/h
Fluegastemperature at entrance: max. 600°C

Hotgas Generator Typ B

Generating of hot gas for drying processes with high temperature.Gas or oil will burned in an aircooled combustion chamber.The fluegas will be mixed with the drying air or the recycled drying gas at the end of the chamber. This type allows fluegas recirculation if the pressure in the chamber is controlled. Oil, gas ore heavy oil can be used.

Performance: 150 – 3000KW
Airsteam: max. 25 000 Nm3/h
Airtemperatur: max. 600°C

Of course, special designs are also possible, let us advise you.

Do not hesitate to contact us.

Industrial heat technology is our speciality.

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